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Suspension Lights

These collosal pieces that suspend from the ceiling are not only massive in structure but also massive in their appeal.
These giant structures are compelling in form and spell grandeur.
Eden Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Table/Side Lamps

Table/Side Lamps

What is a daintier sight that a lamp perched on a table? Its warm light brings luminosity to books, casts a warm glow over the wood, a sheen over the metal and is simply a decorative delight!
Pendant Light

Under ₹200,000

Iris Wall Lamp

Wall Lamps

Wall Lamps/Lights

Wall Lamps/Lights

Dispel the dust that has settled on the walls. Bring to your home a wave of light, make the walls glow in the slanted beams of hope. Our range of wall lights shall make the solid walls of your home, office or outdoor spaces blush in an entirely new shade.
Lynk 1P


A small blue shiver in the cold light of day. Effulgent wicks and candles emanate beams of light that fill the air, be it your home or office with the utmost radiance. Each lamp is a castle of tiny lamps, designed to appease your eyes.
matt white color pendant light

Wick Pendant

Lynk 1P


Bulbs enclosed in bars, casting intricate shadows on walls and ceilings. These shadows are the calligraphy of light on bricks. Bring to your homes, restaurants and offices these beautiful lamps and make the entire space look like a work of art.