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    Modern Chimes

    Minimal Design Chime Lights for your Office and study setups.

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    Discover a World of Luminance

    At Vantra, we don’t just see light. We bear the warmth that the ceiling emanates, we hear the ripples across the walls and we bask in the luminescence of drifting gleams.

    An Alluring World of Grandeur

    Explore our wide range of modern lighting from the deliquescent dew drops of pendants to the arched and spiralling chandeliers, from the everyday classic wall lamps to the chic table lights. At Vantra, we have a light for every corner and mood.

    Floor Lamps

    Warm Light which brings luminosity to books, cast a warm glow over the wood, a sheen over the metal.

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    Multi Pendants

    Explore our extraordinary collection of Multi pendant chime lights.

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      Beads of lamps levitate in the open air and hover above the head. They make a picturesque sight; bring a jewel like enhancement on the fine neck of air. They hang in numbers, each an ornament of delight.

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      A small blue shiver in the cold light of day. Effulgent wicks and candles emanate beams of light that fill the air, be it your home or office with the utmost radiance. Each lamp is a castle of tiny lamps, designed to appease your eyes.

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      Silver and gold stretch like liquid into elliptical molds. Sleek lines orbit suns of light. The bulb in the centre glistens as a sun, dispelling all darkness. Sophisticated and elegant, these fixtures light up any space with a most sublime sheen.

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      Bulbs enclosed in bars, casting intricate shadows on walls and ceilings. These shadows are the calligraphy of light on bricks. Bring to your homes, restaurants and offices these beautiful lamps and make the entire space look like a work of art.

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